Companies Act Encyclopedia

encyclopedia is pleased to announce launch of Act-Encyclopedia. Free access to all the custodians of compliances. Just click on the link: – Act Encyclopedia – LexComply to use the facility.

Ordinarily, a company operating in the Indian regulatory environment needs to comply with Central, State and Local legislation depending on the following:

  1. Business of the Company;
  2. Operational Process followed to do such business;
  3. Locations where such business is being carried on; and
  4. HR involved in the process.

For this it is essential that we articulate a list of applicable laws.

Further we are often faced with situations that where we need to check the applicability of an Act/Regulations may be due to notice from any government department or queries raised by clients/Auditors/Management etc.

In that case Act encyclopedia will prove to be immense value.

Some of the key benefits are as under:

  1. On click of button you can see the applicability criteria ;
  2. It provides for exemption provisions ;
  3. Covers more than 230 Central and State Acts and Regulations; and
  4. Periodic update.

Disclaimer: This is an effort by to contribute towards improving compliance management regime. User is advised not to construe this service as legal opinion and is advisable to take a view of subject experts.


LexComply, Compliance Management Software

logo12LexComply, an all inclusive Compliance Management Software has been launched by RSJ LexSys. The full suite of LexComply consists of intuitive compliance solutions for midsize to small size businesses as well as individually practicing professionals.

Speaking on the occasion, the CEO of LexComply, Gaurav Jain said, “Generally compliance is one of the most overlooked functions in an organization because the complexity surrounding it weighs down even the most inspirational teams. But LexComply writes off all the complications of compliance and makes it one of the most rewarding functions for the organization.” LexComply generates compliances on the principle of relevance along with the basic principle of internal control. The multiple lines of defense that is the built-in hierarchical structure makes it sure that all the compliance tasks are defined, allocated, monitored and reported automatically to all.

He further added, “LexComply acts as a centralized communication system – automated alerts and emails are generated and forwarded to all the concerned in the team. The accomplished and pending tasks are tracked, monitored and notified to each and every stakeholder.”

Adding to this, Pooja Aggarwal, Co-founder, LexComply, said, “LexComply is a godsend tool for the teams that are small or deficient in compliance knowledge, since there is a comprehensive in-built library and repository of laws, rules and statutes and the required associated forms and documents.” In addition to this the team of LexComply updates the newly introduced regulations and changes in the existing laws as soon as they are announced. All the latest updates and applicable laws are available on the dashboard for the whole team to see and include in the compliance plan.

Pooja Aggarwal further added, “LexComply is one of the most intelligent compliance tools on the block. This cloud based tool is real simple to use and has responsive UI. It’s safe and secure since we work on the SSL and all your data is encrypted.” The complete suite of LexComply includes LexComply-Corp (for corporate), LexComply-Pro (for professionals), LexComply-CompAct 2013, LexComply-TRAI, LexComply-FIRE, LexComply-FSSAI, LexComply-FDI, LexComply-ECB. All its solutions are fully scalable and customizable.

Note : LexComply is a cloud based Compliance Management Software with a simple 6 step process to integrate in an organization. Conceived and developed in 2015, LexComply is an offshoot of a 2 years old professional firm. Located in Delhi with in-house team of 19+professionals, LexComply is ready with than 200 Compliance Calendars and has clients (MNC’s and MSMEs) in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and UP.